A Butter Churner is a mechanical device that is used to agitate milk cream. We offer Butter Churners both in electrical as well as manual types to meet requirement of our clients. Our range is made of food grades steel and ensure trouble free operation including Electric Butter Churner with variable speed drive.

Electrical Butter Churner

Milky Fat Testing Machine / Fat Analyzer (Manual Hand Operated)

  • Capacity : 20 Ltr,  40 Ltr, 60 Ltr, 80 Ltr, 100 Ltr, 200-1000 Ltr
  • Specifications : Electric Driven.
  • Single/Three phase life Time Lubricated motor
  • Dynamically balanced shel made of AISI 304 Stainless Steel.

 Manual Butter Churner

Our manual butter churner are available with specific features such as :

  • Capacity : 20 Ltr, 40 Ltr, 60 Ltr.
  • Specifications : Hand Driven.
  • Dynamically balanced steel made of AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Suitable for small dairies.

Manufactured in ahmadabad using top class material of stainless steel in conjunction with latest technology, our butter churner is used by the dairy industry. Features are:

  • Range : From 250 Ltr. (Vol.) to 3000 Ltr (Vol.)
  • Material of Construction : S. S. 304 /  316 with S. S. Stand, S. S. 304 / 316 with M. S. Stand.
  • Input – Output Door
  • Sight Glass, Air Discharge Nipple
  • Optional : Butter Trolly
  • Model : (a) Variable Drive, (b) Single Speed & Multiple Speed
  • Motor H.P. : (Single/Three Phase)